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There are two voluntary subscription email lists supported by the World Harrier Organization at this time. If you subscribe to the second, you need not subscribe to the first as those posts go to both. Subscribing is as easy as sending an email to the appropriate address. You will be sent a verification email for your safety to prevent others from subscribing you without your permission and to make sure you have a valid email address, not a forwarding address. Just click on the verification link provided and you will be on the list. The email will include information on how to unsubscribe and other details about the list. – This list is our MODERATED social email list. If you subscribe to this list, do not subscribe to GMList, you will get those messages on this list as well. Members from around the world may post their comments, ideas, event invitations and more. The list is moderated, so you will not get any conflicts and posts will be related to subjects of interest to harriers. Opinions are welcome here as long as discussions are friendly amongst members of the list and World Harrier Organization members are respected. To subscribe, just send an email to the following email address: - This is a list that sends out a regular message from the Grand Master of WHO giving you information and updates about the organization. If you want a low impact list (no more than monthly), as well as good info in a more digest form, this is a good list to subscribe to. Information sent on this list is just the meat of what is happening without the give and take of a social list. To subscribe, just send an email to the following email address:

Note: All members receive a quarterly (four times a year) message from the GM. It is part of the membership requirement. That list message is always brief and updates you on the organization, new features to the information services and our annual event. The only way to unsubscribe from that is to end your membership.

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